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Organizational Announcements- Regional Co ordinators

We are pleased to announce that as of September 21st 2015 Somashekar, VU3JBA has accepted the role of Director, Regional Coordination at AMSAT INDIA. He will be responsible for driving programs and projects of AMSAT INDIA in various parts of India through his team of Regional Coordinators. We have also appointed Rajesh Vagadia , VU2EXP […]

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LAPAN-A2 (IO-86) FM Transponder worked and heard in India

Paddy , VU2PEP shared an update that he was able to work and hear some stations from south east asia when the FM transponder was opened up for testing on November 21st and 22nd . A video of the pass with audio is available at youtube

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9M2SS With a School student

Heard in India- ARISS ham radio contact with SK Putrajaya Presint 9, Putrajaya, Malaysia

An Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact has been planned with participants at SK Putrajaya Presint 9, Putrajaya, Malaysia on 01 November. The event stated at 16:45 Indian Standard Time at 9M2RPN Satellite Ground Station located in Planetarium Negara.VU2TS,VU2DCT & VU3TYG were able to hear on 145.800 Mhz  Astronaut Gregory (KF5LKT) answer […]

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Swayam- GS Antennas

Ground Station setup for Swayam – COEP Satellite Project

The COEP Satellite project is a student led initiative revolving around the design and fabrication of a Pico-satellite having a HAM Communication payload. COEP Ground Station was set up for servicing the Amateur Radio communication satellite “Swayam’, a 1-U cube satellite with the scientific mission of demonstrating passive magnetic stabilization. The Ground segment operates on […]

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Swayam Cubesat

The COEP Satellite (Swayam) project

The COEP Satellite (Swayam) project is aimed at developing a reliable bidirectional communications platform. Started in late 2008, the Swayam project revolves around the challenge of building a 1U pico-satellite destined to orbit the Earth at a height of 500-800 km. The scientific objective of the mission is to demonstrate the concept of passive stabilization using […]

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LX0OHB-4M amateur radio lunar payload – Credit LuxSpace

4M lunar payload integrated – Keps released

The integration of the LX0OHB-4M amateur radio payload was completed on Sunday night, October 12 and is now ready to launch. The onboard clock has been adjusted to start JT65B (145.980 MHz) at the UTC minute +/-1 second. It is likely to drift during the mission, and manual offset introduction will be required after a week […]

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Cover November 2014.indd

4M Lunar Payload in Practical Wireless Magazine

The November issue of Practical Wireless (PW) magazine, in the shops now, devotes three pages to the 4M amateur radio lunar payload which will transmit JT65B on 145.980 MHz. Beijing plan to launch the payload on October 23. The article, written by Colin Redwood G6MXL, is well worth reading. PW magazine also carries the popular […]

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AMSAT Annual Meeting Remote Participation via EchoLink

The 2014 AMSAT Symposium will be held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Oct 10-12 in Baltimore.  The Annual Meeting will be held Saturday afternoon from 15:45 – 17:15 EDT (19:45z – 21:15z) and will be broadcast via EchoLink on the *AMSAT* channel.  The Annual Meeting includes a report to the membership by the President and Senior Officers […]

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Help AMSAT launch Fox-1C satellite in 2015!

AMSAT is excited to announce a launch opportunity for the Fox-1C Cubesat. AMSAT has teamed with Spaceflight Inc. for integration and launch utilizing Spaceflight’s SHERPA system to a sun-synchronous orbit in the third quarter of 2015. Fox-1C is the third of four Fox-1 series satellites under development, with Fox-1A and RadFXsat/Fox-1B launching through the NASA […]

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AMSAT INDIA at Hamfest India 2014

AMSAT INDIA will have its traditional presence at Hamfest India 2014 to be held at Hyderabad on November 8th and 9th 2014. As usual we will be having presentations during the technical sessions on topics related to Amateur Radio Satellites and projects from AMSAT INDIA. We would be very pleased to discuss and interact with […]

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