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AMSAT is a worldwide group of Amateur Radio Operators who share an active interest in building, launching and then communication with each other through non-commercial Amateur Radio satellites. By any measure, AMSAT’s track record has been impressive. Since its initial founding over 25 years ago, AMSAT has predominantly volunteered labor and donated resources to design, construct and with the added assistance of government and commercial space agencies, successfully launched over two dozen Amateur Radio communications satellites into the orbit of Earth.

The Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation (known as AMSAT officially) was first formed in 1969 as a not-for-profit educational organisation chartered in the District of Columbia, USA. Its aim is to foster Amateur Radio’s participation in space research and communication. AMSAT was founded to continue its efforts, begun in 1961, by Project OSCAR, a west coast USA based group which built and launched the very first Amateur Radio satellites. OSCAR stands for Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio, a term that is still used to identify most Amateur Radio satellites. It was launched on December21, 1961, barely four years after the launch of Russia’s first Sputnik. These satellites were built, quite literally in people’s garages and basements are purely a product of volunteer effort and donated resources.

Sharing the same vision and objectives, other like minded groups throughout the world have since been formed to pursue the Amateur Radio Satellite program.


  • AMSAT-INDIA was incorporated and bylaws were adopted on 28th October 2001.
  • AMSAT-INDIA is formed by group of Radio Amateur (Hams) with an active interest in OSCARs. Members of this organisation are bound by the true spirit of Amateur Radio international friendship.
  • Any citizen of India or any other body with an active interest in Ham Radio in general and Amateur Satellites in particular can become a member of this organisation.
  • This is incorporated as a non-governmental, non-profit voluntary organisation with the purpose of developing Amateur Satellite payloads, complete amateur satellites, related ground segments and amateur satellite activities in India.
  • AMSAT-INDIA will have goals concurrent with the national space policy and national space agency.
  • It will co-ordinate and co-operate with the national space agency for the fruitful realisation of Indian Amateur Satellites.
  • It would also take responsibility to track and maintain amateur satellites as and when if allowed by the Government of India or the national space agency.
  • It will popularise the amateur satellite concept and motivate Hams and SWLs to join the movement to build and launch Indian Amateur Radio Satellites. For this purpose it will conduct amateur satellite nets, have internet forums and website, organise demonstrations, conduct seminars and lectures, communicate through emails, conduct contests, etc.
  • It will initiate various projects for transmitters, receivers, tr ansponders, beacons, amateur satellites, etc.
  • It will co-ordinate with International AMSAT community and Radio Amateur Satellite corporation in realisation of Indian Amateur Satellites.
  • It will, by the way of amateur satellite communications, help the country in times of need.
  • Office Bearers

    President Ramesh Ramsubbu VU2RMS

    Vice President M.S Giridhar VU2MGD

    Secretary Nitin Muttin VU3TYG

    Treasurer Venkatesh Katta VU3ICC

    Director-Educational Relations B.A Subramani, VU2WMY

    Technical Director TBD

    Technical Committee
    Ganesan N VU3GEK
    Raveendranath P VU2RVJ
    Somashekhar Kummur VU3HCJ
    K Balaji VU3PZA
    Somashekar VU3JBA
    Air Cmdr V Subramanian VU2UV

    Director- Regional Co-ordination Somashekar,VU3JBA

    Regional Coordinators - India
    North - Kaustav Saha,VU2UUU
    West- Rajesh Vagadia,VU2EXP

    Public relations Nitin Muttin VU3TYG

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