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Membership is open to all those who are interested in Amateur Radio Satellite work. It is not mandatory that one should have a Amateur radio licence to become a member of AMSAT-INDIA. The below points be noted when applying for the membership.

  • – Application for membership is not the final decision to grant of membership to AMSAT INDIA and the applicant shall abide by the AMSAT INDIA Committee decision.
  • – AMSAT INDIA membership is open only as and when the need arises and one needs to await such announcements.
  • – AMSAT INDIA is not looking for quantity of members but looks forward to members who will build the society with technological knowledge, projects to achieve the aims & objectives of AMSAT INDIA.

Types of Membership & Fees

To become a member download and fill-out the application form and send it to the following address Do Not enclose any payments at this moment.

Life membership fee is Rupees 1000 in addition to Rupees 2000 towards project fund. Those who have attained the age of 18 years and above can apply for life membership.

Rupees 200/Year for the student community based on proof. (Students are not eligible to vote and participate in the elections of AMSAT INDIA)

AMSAT INDIA (Registered)

No. 201, 2nd Main Road,
Mahalakshmi Layout,
Bangalore 560086

Download application form in PDF format by clicking here.

In case you have any queries with respect to membership, email us on

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