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AMSAT Annual Meeting Remote Participation via EchoLink

The 2014 AMSAT Symposium will be held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Oct 10-12 in Baltimore.  The Annual Meeting will be held Saturday afternoon from 15:45 – 17:15 EDT (19:45z – 21:15z) and will be broadcast via EchoLink on the *AMSAT* channel.  The Annual Meeting includes a report to the membership by the President and Senior Officers and includes a question and answer session where members may ask senior officers and BoD members questions.  Echolink participants may send questions using the text messaging feature of EchoLink.

Some of Friday and Saturday’s Symposium presentations may also be available via EchoLink, as these will be used to test the EchoLink hardware, software, and Internet connection.  See for the Symposium schedule and the titles and times of the presentations.

If you haven’t used EchoLink before, you need to download the software and validate your license *NOW*.  EchoLink use is restricted to licensed radio amateurs, because EchoLink is frequently used to remotely key amateur radio transmitters and repeaters.  The validation process is used to prove that you are licensed.  See for more information. EchoLink software is available for free for Windows, Linux, OSX, iPhone, iPad, and Android.  An Internet connection is required.

Once you’ve started EchoLink, search for the *AMSAT* channel (node #101377), select it, and “Connect”.  The channel name includes asterisks (*) both before and after AMSAT.

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